Witter GmbH

About Company

* 1994 Foundation as a sole proprietorship (no employees)

* 1996 Moving from Tiefenbach by Schoenberg and thus starting the wholesale business with 3 employees

* 1997 Renamed as the trade agency Gerhard Witter GmbH

* 1999 Acquisition of commercial agency Gerhard Witter GmbH by 4mbo AG. 14 employees

* 2000 Sales for the products of 4mbo (iW sales channel)

* 2001 Expansion of the shops up to a turnover of 46 million euros * 2002/03 Adaptation of business strategy due to the separation by 4mbo AG

* 2004/05 Deepening of good partnerships with customers and suppliers

* 2005 Sales start our own brand Me2

* 2006 34 Employees* 2006/07 Expansion to additional markets with a new structure

* 2007 40 Employees

* 2010 new address and new company name. WITTER GMBH


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